Khabib Nurmagomedov (@1.29) vs Conor McGregor (@3.5)

Our Prediction:

Khabib Nurmagomedov will win

Khabib Nurmagomedov – Conor McGregor Match Prediction | 01-01-2020 21:00

Of course, it comes down to whether Nurmagomedov can get McGregor down and keep him down and more specifically, the latter. On the feet, McGregor is far superior, and probably has just as big an advantage as Nurmagomedov does on the ground. Such a tough one to call, and thats one of the many reasons this is the biggest fight in MMA history. Nick Baldwin (@NickBaldwinMMA) - This is a true coin-toss fight. Michael Johnson tested Nurmagomedovs chin in 2016, and theres a good chance McGregor tests it even more on Saturday. McGregor has fought the better competition, but usually things like that dont matter in Nurmagomedov fights because no matter what, he just mauls guys on the ground. We all know Nurmagomedov will get McGregor down at least once, but perhaps McGregors get-up game has improved. Nurmagomedov needs to hold him down to win.

Theres no question Khabib is legit, but hes been tagged before by fighters with much less power and striking technique than McGregor. Danny Segura (@dannyseguratv) - I think we may be in for an awakening. I think to take McGregor down you need a blast-double-explosive-wrestling type of guy and thats just not Khabib.

at least when it comes to fight predictions. Indeed, I am older now, but not necessarily wiser ... If McGregor wins, though, I will never bet against him again. In hindsight, it was really, really dumb. So, naturally, Ive decided to potentially repeat a terrible mistake from the past and will pick Nurmagomedov to close the distance, take down Notorious, strangle him and then hoist the undisputed 155-pound strap into the rafters this weekend. I was relatively young at the time, certainly not the brilliant expert analyst I have grown to become over time (this is oozing sarcasm). Thomas Myers (@TommyMyers ) - Back in 2006, I predicted that Renato Babalu Sobral would avoid the one-punch knockout power of then-Light Heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell, close the distance, take down Iceman, strangle him and then hoist the 205-pound strap into the rafters. But, I figured it was one of the few chances to actually make a logical argument against Liddell winning he was in his prime and was straight up murdering dudes on the feet at the time (five straight knockouts). Ever.

Jonathan Snowden (@JESnowden) - Bleacher Report: In 2015, after an injured McGregor took everything Chad Mendes had to offer, I told myself that this was a fighter Id never bet against. Conor is one of them. A lot of fighters have great physical tools. But very few have both. Just as many have the heart of a champion.

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Im not convinced that he will finish McGregor, though, despite the Irishmans penchant for gassing. I wont bet on it because I kinda, sorta want Conor to win, and I never bet against my preference, but I think the odds are ~60/40 in favor of Khabib taking Conor down and roughing him up. Conor seems to have put himself through a very grueling camp in preparation for a very grueling fight, and I do expect him to have a few fleeting moments of success, maybe even in the later rounds until he gets dragged down again. Hell snap the Russians head back a couple of times, giving his fans flashes of hope ... Andrew Pearson (@Vorpality) - Three words: Khabib, 13 seconds. No, but seriously, probably Khabib. but ultimately, Im predicting that Nurmys large adult skull can absorb that left.

After a two-year hiatus, the most profitable star MMA has ever seen is ready to return. Hell face an undefeated champ who has demolished some of the biggest names in the lightweight division. McGregor already took care of that when he crashed a presser in April and threw a dolly through a bus that was transporting Khabib. The is the fight to make for the UFC. The UFC wont even need to pay for marketing.

Lewis style is no secret. Derrick Lewis is literally one of the biggest fighters in the UFC. Lewis has won 8 out of his last 9 fights by knockout. He loves to slug it out and go for the knockout as he owns genuine one punch knockout power in both hands. The Black Beast enters this match with a record of 20-5 with 17 wins by way of knockout. No question he is one of the most powerful men in the UFC. When he gets on top, his ground and pound is virtually unstoppable. The problem with him though is his health. If he cant get you on his feet, Lewis will try to take you down using his weight.

But while McGregor has long passed into the realm of household name, Nurmagomedov is an unknown entity outside of MMA fans. But those who are in the know are aware that this fight is no picnic for McGregor, who fights an unbeaten man who is world-class proficient at McGregors most lacking element of his game. So, if youre planning on watching this comeback, heres some things you should look out for.

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But McGregors advantage is always that the fight starts standing up. Weve seen McGregor appear emotional in the lead up to a fight but also his ability to leave that in the locker room and focus in the fight. Mike Allardyce (@mikedyce) - MMA at Sports Illustrated: Ive stopped doubting Conor McGregor because whenever he is faced with an opponent and appears over matched, he comes through in spectacular fashion. Weve seen McGregors striking derail wrestlers plans. Anyone coming in has to close the distance and risk being caught by McGregors striking. We should expect another smart gameplan from McGregor. At UFC 202 against Nate Diaz, McGregor was able to stick to a game plan and avoid following Diaz to the mat to put himself in jeopardy. Khabib Nurmagomedov is his toughest challenge to date and will test that trend.

He still has the moves but unless he gets back his old confidence, there is no way he is halting the Tony Ferguson train. Its interesting because Ferguson is still in peak form at age 34 while Pettis looks like a ghost of his old self at 31. Dont count out Pettis just because of his recent form. Current form Tony Ferguson versus 2013 Anthony Pettis would have been a dream lightweight bout.

Poirier is currently slated to meet Nate Diaz in a highly-anticipated showdown on Nov. In doing so, The Diamond will welcome Diaz back the UFC fold less than a month after Nurmagomedov and McGregor collide in a matchup that very well could be the most successful pay-per-view in mixed martial arts history. McGregor for the 155-pound title, so one would imagine Poirier will be keeping a close eye on UFC 229s main event. 3 at UFC 230. A win over Diaz could set the stage for Poirier to fight the victor of Nurmagomedov vs.

Now that its down to the wire and someone is asking me to make an honest to God choice, my gut is telling me McGregor. Stephie Haynes (@CrooklynMMA) - Ive been on the fence about this fight since it was first announced and have gone back and forth no less than 100 times. Both men are incredibly talented, but I think Conors power is going to be the game-changer and will bring an early end to the contest.