Magherafelt (@1.72) vs Ballinascreen (@2.5)

Our Prediction:

Magherafelt will win

Magherafelt – Ballinascreen Match Prediction | 23-09-2019 11:30

A new door, with porch, was opened at the side of the church. The sacristies were re-designed and re-furnished. Their father, John, who had spent a lifetime working on the churches for both Dean McGlinchey and Fr. Columbas Church, Straw. Collins, was now in failing health, and he was buried at Straw only three weeks after the church was re-opened. New heating and lighting, a new marble ambo, chair and baptismal font and a new confessional were installed and the church fully carpeted. In 1980 Cleary Brothers undertook the renovation of St.

of Plumbridge, was made his sole heir and executor. Daniel Magee, Rev. Rev. Patrick Magee left the parochial house with the improvements viz. On the death oi Fr. Patrick Magee, the P.P.

in 1834 there were two churches in Ballinascreen. O'Loughlin came as P.P. To find out something about these churches, to find out what they were like, I went naturally to our oldest Senior Citizen, our centenarian - Rose McDermott. But she was baptised in the Moneyneena church, made her First Communion there and went to Mass in it until she was nearly 16. She could tell me nothing about the old White Water Chapel - it was out of use over 30 years before she was born. When Dr.

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Collins, didn't want to lose Fr. And then Bishop Kelly changed the two curates. Conway stay on in Moneyneena. Fr. Conway had been in Moneyneena for eight years and was well known and well liked there. He appointed Fr. The trouble was over. Bellaghy and Fr. Buncrana. Conway too, and they persuaded the Bishop to let Fr. It turned out to be a good move. Conway as C.C. The Moneyneena people, who had been the chief supporters of the suspended Fr. Conway, it was the beginning of the end - it wasn't long until the churches were opened again. And when the Bishop agreed not to change Fr. McLoskey as P.P.

The priests had to make do. James Henry of Draperstown on the morning of the 8th of August, who drove me on his own car to the 6 Towns, opened the church and handed me the keys. Magee's own words The keys of the 6 Towns Chapel were handed over unconditionally by Larry Cleary of Cavanreagh to Mr. I celebrated Mass there on that day to the great joy of all the people of the district and the entire parish, except for the mob. (James Henry J.P. The Sixtowns people were the first to reject the violence. In Fr. It was almost a year before there was a break-through in the deadlock. Baptisms and Marriages took place in private houses, and Sunday Mass wherever it could be fixed. was the grandfather of the late Mary Pat O'Kane.

The priest who succeeded him was obviously not as superstitious, and how right he was. He was to be P.P. John McEldowney, was serving his fifth boss in a space of less than seven years. here for almost a quarter of a century, a priest still remembered by many of our senior citizens, Fr. Grant's coming, it meant that the Moneyneena curate; Fr. And, with Fr. Patrick Grant.

Collins turned his mind to schools. The fifties and the early sixties was a great time of school building. On 5 July 1954 Fr. Catholic schools were being built all over the North. And then Fr.

With all the churches closed to him, Fr. There are many stories told about what happened during that troublesome period, but its impossible to separate fact from fiction. All we can rely on with certainty is what was written by the man at the centre of the trouble, Fr. Magee had to make other arrangements. But when he arranged Sunday Masses in any suitable buildings he could get, and even sometimes in private houses, the more violent supporters of the suspended Fr. Magee himself. Collins tried to stop the people going to Mass.

Bryan McRory built a church in 1744 at Kielts corner in a field just across the road from, a Cromlech, the remains of a Druids temple. Fr. This Strawmore Cromlech was called "Slaght-Illeran" (the death place of Illeran). This Cromlech stood in the field beside Patrick Kielts public house - now Ivy House.

Magee on 20 October 1869 Fr. And it was seven weeks before there was another break-through. McLoskey celebrated Mass for the four previous Sundays in Straw Chapel and from the 26th of September Fr. Magee was 10 months in the parish before he was allowed to say Mass in any of the churches. This time it was a compromise. And so Fr. To quote an entry made by Fr. The curates were allowed to say Sunday Mass, one in Straw and the other in Moneyneena, but not Fr. Magee.

Patrick's Church, Sixtowns the renovation was carried out by the Kelly brothers. The old sacristy had to be knocked down, to be replaced by a complete new complex. A new confessional, a new marble ambo, chair and baptismal font, new lighting and Stations of the Cross were installed and, like Straw church, the church was carpeted to the door. In St. Outside a car park, a new graveyard, new driveway and entrance gates completed the picture.