Michael White (@1.8) vs Jordan Brown (@2.0)

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Michael White will win

Michael White – Jordan Brown Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 09:30

She notes that Aomine is back to his former self, even if a little. Both team's players go back on the court but Aomine wasn't playing attention. She then remembers their time back in Teik and how Aomine never payed attention when there was a worthy opponent. Momoi calls out to him and asks him if he was listening to the team plan which Aomine denies.[29] He leaves the bench as Momoi stood still in surprise.

It is shown that Aomine can essentially score the basketball from any position on the court. Overall, these well rounded and polished skills make him an amazing player who is often described as "a monster".[52] Aomine is so skilled he along with Kagami is called the double ace of Team Vorpal Sword (a team made up of the Generation of Miracles). He accomplishes this by performing insane crossovers, changing his speed and direction of movement at an absurd rate, leaving his opponent behind. As the ace of the Generation of Miracles, he was regarded as "a monster" in basketball, as he was leagues ahead of anyone that came second to him, even among the talents of the Generation of Miracles. He is very fast, agile, and powerful which enables him to get past even the strongest of defensive minded players. His abilities can be described as extremely fast, extremely strong and extremely skillful.


It was shown that Aomine expressed indifference when Midorima pointed out Kuroko would face him during the Inter-high championships. Aomine approaches Kuroko at one point during the match and proclaims that he is disappointed in him because he hasn't improved much since playing at Teiko and mentions that his current basketball abilities wouldn't beat him, also bringing up Akashi's prediction that Kuroko's style wouldn't bring winning basketball. When the two were first brought together, Aomine still showed the same attitude he had at the end of his Junior High school days. During the game Aomine overslept and didn't show up till the second quarter, though during the second half of the game Aomine completely destroyed Seirin stopping Kuroko including his ignite pass, misdirections among others.

He entered and heard basketball sounds, but couldn't see anyone playing, leading him to the conclusion that perhaps there really was a ghost. He was warned by Momoi (who was the team's manager at the time) that the gym was haunted by a ghost, but Aomine did not believe her, making fun of her for it. Kuroko and Aomine start practicing together and become good friends. They talk for a while and Aomine compliments Kuroko that staying so late for practice proves his love for basketball. He joined the basketball club as a first-year and was put into the first-string team immediately. One day, when Aomine stayed behind to practice, he was forced to go to another gym because the regular gym was full of other players. Aomine attended Junior High school in Teik for three years. Kuroko then introduced himself, scaring Aomine.

Aomine passes Kagami but is then blocked by Kiyoshi to shoot. He jumps and realises this is a fake when Aomine jumps as well making Kiyoshi foul him and scores the basket.[31] Later, Aomine comes face to face with Kuroko, Kagami and Kiyoshi who triple team him. Aomine then uses his formless shot but misses due to Kuroko misdirecting his gaze towards him. Aomine gets the ball during T's counterattack when Kiyoshi comes to block him. Both teams score and don't give in. Everyone was surprised Aomine missed but soon realised it was due to Kuroko.[32] Kuroko tells Aomine that this technique was created to stop him.

Crystal Ball for Jordan Brown

Aomine does his formless shot, with his body almost parallel to the floor, throws the ball besides Kagami, it grazes the top of the board and falls into the ring.[21]Seirin then calls for a time-out. Kuroko gets the ball on the offense and pulls up for an Ignite Pass Kai, in an act of despair. He thrusts the ball with all his might, but the ball gets stopped by Aomine. He continues by saying that his effort to defeat him was futile and that he should give up. He is standing in the middle of the court and says to Kuroko that the same move won't work on him a second time. He passes Izuki and encounters Kagami by the basket.

Upon meeting, he notes that the latter surely picked up a fight. When Kuroko and Kagami arrive, they proceed to start things up. Then, a rivalry seem to start between him and Midorima, which Akashi insists that they forget. He was called by Kagetora Aida along with other Generation of Miracles, Kuroko and Kagami to play for "The Dream Team".

After the date Momoi ran to his house to show off the stuffed toy Kuroko had given her as a present, Aomine was completely uninterested and he only responded with a "Yeah, yeah, congratulations." It was implied that Aomine already knows that Kuroko does not return her feelings (or is even aware) but keeps quiet as not to upset Momoi. He was dragged by Kise to go spy on them and he was the one who worked behind the scenes to get rid of possible interlopers who wanted to hit on Momoi.[69] He was even seen estimating Momoi's cup size (he guessed that she was E-cup at that time) after she made her appearance. Aomine is neither supportive nor against Momoi's crush on Kuroko, as shown by both the Replace novels and an omake in which Kuroko and Momoi went on a date.


Kagami receives Kuroko's pass and dunks the ball scoring for Seirin.[39] The buzzer beater rang with Seirin as the victors. Believing Kuroko was trusting Aomine more than Kagami, but Kuroko denies saying he trusted both of them, but he trusts only one to score the basket and that is Kagami. Kiyoshi receives a free-throw due to a foul made by Wakamatsu, he misses but Kagami appears under the hoop to save the ball. Kagami is blocked by Aomine surely resulting in Too's victory.[38] Imyoshi was surprised when Kuroko appeared to catch the ball. There are only 5 seconds left and the current score is 99 - 100, with T still in the lead.

Momoi informs him about the match between Midorima and Kuroko, with Momoi predictably betting on Kuroko. During the finals in Block A in the Interhigh preliminaries, Seirin vs Shtoku, Aomine is seen for the first time. Momoi runs into him at the gym, where he is slacking off while the rest are having the preliminaries finals.