Warrenpoint (@1.47) vs H & W Welders (@5.0)

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Lieutenant-General Sir Timothy Creasey, General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland, suggested to Margaret Thatcher that internment should be brought back and that liaison with the Garda should be left in the hands of the military.[42] Sir Kenneth Newman, the RUC Chief Constable, claimed instead that the British Army practice, since 1975, of supplying their garrisons in South County Armagh by helicopter, gave too much freedom of movement to the IRA.[43][44] One result was the appointment of Sir Maurice Oldfield to a new position of Co-ordinator of Security Intelligence in Northern Ireland. His role was to co-ordinate intelligence between the military, MI5 and the RUC. According to Toby Harnden, the attack "drove a wedge" between the Army and the RUC.

The mutual respect of all individuals inspires academic, social, emotional and physical development of the community members as they cross the bridge to new experiences. Our mission is to meet the needs of our diverse learners by providing a multitude of opportunities designed to support our members on their journey to becoming self-assured productive citizens. Warren Point Elementary School is a community of faculty, staff, families and students who work together to create an educational environment that fosters growth and learning.

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He was asked to identify the face of his friend, Major Peter Fursman, still recognisable after it had been ripped from his head by the explosion and recovered from the water by divers from the Royal Engineers. The second explosion killed twelve soldiers: ten from the Parachute Regiment and the two from the Queen's Own Highlanders.[32][33] Colonel Blair was the highest-ranking British Army officer to be killed in the Troubles up until then.[23] Only one of Colonel Blair's epaulettes remained to identify him as his body had been vaporised in the blast. The epaulette was taken from the scene by Brigadier David Thorne to a security briefing with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to "illustrate the human factor" of the attack.[34]Mike Jackson, then a major in the Parachute Regiment, was at the scene soon after the second explosion and later described seeing human remains scattered over the road, in the water and hanging from the trees.

However, they had to use it sometimes to avoid setting a pattern.[21]At 16:40, as the convoy was driving past Narrow Water Castle, an 800-pound (363kg) fertiliser bomb, hidden among strawbales on a parked flatbed trailer, was detonated by remote control by IRA members watching from across the border.[23] The explosion caught the last lorry in the convoy, hurling it on its side and instantly killing six paratroopers, whose bodies were scattered across the road.[24] There were only two survivors amongst the soldiers travelling in the lorry; they both received serious injuries. On the afternoon of 27 August, a British Army convoy of one Land Rover and two four-ton lorriescarrying soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regimentwas driving from Ballykinler Barracks to Newry.[22][23] The British Army were aware of the dangers of using the stretch of road along the Newry River and often put it out of bounds. The lorry's driver, Anthony Wood (aged 19), was one of those killed.

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We understand that Joel has signed for Linfield and we respect that but by the same token we have to look after Glenavon from now until the end of the season in terms of trying to get to Europe. We did ask Linfield about an exchange for Jordan Stewart but they turned that down so if that doesnt happen we are more than happy to keep Joel until the end of the season because theres no better than him out there and available. Were obviously better with Joel Cooper involved in our squad than we are if we let him go to Linfield for a few thousand and not get a player in to replace him.

The figure offered didnt meet the Clubs valuation for Joel bearing in mind the financial reward involved if we made it to Europe. We turned down a bid for Joel in January, before he signed his pre-contract obviously, based on the fact we were trying to keep him and persuade him to stay. We dont have anyone to bring in thats of Joels quality so the only way it could potentially happen in January is if we got a player in exchange.

An English civilian was also killed and an Irish civilian wounded by British soldiers firing across the border after the first blast. The attack happened on the same day that the IRA assassinated Lord Louis Mountbatten, a member of the British royal family. Eighteen British soldiers were killed and six were seriously injured, making it the deadliest attack on the British Army during the Troubles.

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Graffiti appeared in republican areas declaring "13 gone and not forgotten, we got 18 and Mountbatten".[37] The day after the Mountbatten and Warrenpoint attacks, the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) retaliated by shooting dead a Catholic man, John Patrick Hardy (43), at his home in Belfast's New Lodge estate. Republicans portrayed the attack as retaliation for Bloody Sunday (30 January 1972), when the Parachute Regiment shot dead 13 unarmed civilians during a protest march.